Window to the sky.



Sky-Stream by LT-Projects projects the sky into spaces using cutting edge technology via our live-streaming  ultra-high definition skylight. The technology can be installed seamlessly into incredibly small ceiling voids replicating the immediate outdoors diurnal rhythm of day, night and seasonal changes, streaming in real-time directly from your roof top. Invoking the natural light Sky-stream helps make people more energetic, more efficient in work spaces and provides us with an enhanced sense of wellbeing while spending time in doors.



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Over the past two years there has been a flurry of reports from the World Green Building Council, the International Well Building Institute and Human Spaces exploring the importance of our innate connection with natural elements. These reports bring together a wealth of academic research on how the presence of natural elements can promote health, well-being and productivity.

Out of these elements, daylight, has been found to be the number one wanted natural feature in the workplace. When you see the research findings, it’s easy to see why.

 found that people who sit by the window slept for 46 minutes longer a night on average compared with those who didn’t.

Other studies have found that well illuminated spaces with natural elements such as daylight and greenery can improve creativity and learning.

These findings put scientific rigour behind our intuitive desire for daylight. The business case is clear: daylight promotes human health and potential. Workers around the world are catching on, with many starting to question how this valuable natural element should be shared between staff.










An application such as this demonstrates how the limits of projection screens are continuously challenged and tested, helping to revolutionise the way we transform our inside spaces. This application was specified in the ceiling of a ground-floor basement – a clever idea that sees staff and visitors enjoy the benefits of feeling connected to ‘blue sky thinking’ even in the lowest point of the building, clearly demonstrating how projection can positively impact an inside environment.





In a more contextual consideration, this application offers the client a range of pioneering creative opportunities, such as being able to theme their environment with a chosen concept, where they could create a variety of effects by projecting different videos onto the ceiling, such as a different climate or a different time zone. As a great way to connect multinational corporations or even other branches of office, by using webcam feeds, for example, teams can be connected to an office on the other side of the planet by projecting a live feed of the sky from that location. This may be especially effective for companies that engage in night trading, night support or even night-time IT maintenance, as employees who take part in night time work can be helped to adjust and focus by synthesising a ‘day time’ environment regardless of what’s happening outside.





It’s not just offices that can benefit from this application. Customer facing environments can enjoy the benefits of ceiling projection just as much, if not more, as customers are ‘wowed’ by the solution at play. It could possibly help to affect buyer psychology, or even be built into the customer journey, ultimately using design to influence customer emotions and encouraging them to make a purchase. This is particularly important as stores look to enhance their ‘bricks and mortar’ offering in the face of growing pressure from online shopping trends.





The benefits of having this level of control over an environment is not just limited to influencing psychology. Ceiling projection applications can be extremely effective in an experiential sales or service setting such as themed hotels, restaurants or theme parks, helping to effectively and flexibly transform an environment at a minimal cost. This is particularly important when creating a specific theme that is integral to an attraction or experience that customers pay for, encouraging a measurable return on investment.





In Indoor areas where people commune for long periods the circadian light factor promotes real sense of well being and happiness aiding rehabilitation and positively effecting health. The Natural changes in luminosity from the light source as clouds pass and clear skies appear deliver naturalistic lighting patterns making life patterns in the spaces measurable throughout the day giving context to activity and natural rhythms of life.





There are some environments where psychology linked to customer experience is more important than others. In the highly-competitive fitness sector, gym location and accessibility can have a huge influence on member numbers and can make or break a business. An effective ceiling projection solution can help to make a gym environment considerably more appealing and motivating, especially if it’s located in the basement level of an office block in an area of high occupancy. Creating the illusion of bright, sunny weather through ceiling projection could increase positivism among members which could have a huge impact on well-being, especially during colder periods. Likewise, seasoned gym goers who have experience with other gyms may find such an environment a refreshing change. Ceiling projection that uses vivid colour may reinforce positive associations of the gym environment, encouraging them to come back in an optimistic frame of mind. This could aid long term member commitment and boost retention figures.