We are specialists in delivering your content across any projection platform. Our fully accredited projection engineers can take your ideas and deliver them seamlessly to look truly amazing. We will deliver your solution using the best hardware available. We are a go to company for referral by projection manufacturers such as Panasonic, Optoma and Pro Display to resolve the most unusual and demanding of projects. We have over 15 years of experience in our area of bespoke system solutions so if you have an idea and you're not sure how to do it call us and we will work it out with you.



Fully immersive multisensory environments, 360 degree projection systems, augmented platforms and Virtual Reality is changing the way we explore and is rapidly changing our expectations of how we interact with environments. The boundaries are changing the environments are becoming ever more pervasive. It's not all about the technology, it's about how we use it.  We want to deliver your message seamlessly. Years of experience, multiple projects delivered successfully and our ongoing research in systems innovation is focused on doing just that.  



Interaction has to be intuitive and has to be worthwhile. Whether it's the interaction itself or the information that results from, it we develop systems that will do that for you. Always striving to go beyond the expected; always striving to make the interface magical. Touch, gesture, motion, speech, we have been using them for centuries but never before have we been able to use them to make such rich new environments available to so many. Play, education, well-being and life style. We know a thing or two about marrying interactive technology with conceptual development and are always the most proud of our contribution when we can stand back and watch your project amaze and delight.

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