Over the last couple of years leslietec have developed strong links withDesign companies and IT infratsructure installers looking for something a little different to add a wow factor to the spaces they deliver. Our top level understanding of applying creative concepts in technology mean we can consult design plan and install systems that integrate seamelessly into the spaces and give the client something really special. Recent installs including virtual skylights, digital books and interactive walls function to blur the boundries between the architectrure and digital content delivery in a playfull tactile and sophisticated way. Changing the office space into somewhare a little more special to work within.

We were involved in some of the cutting edge development research in this area at Napier Univercity helping deliver the ICE – Interactive Collaborative Environments research space and continue to look to innovate in this area on live projects going forward 


VR systems, invisible AV, virtual skylights, interactive books, conferencing systems and collaboration spaces. Room booking systems, touch walls and multi user interactive platforms.


Projection systems, interactive sensor tec, motion tracking, touch surfaces, screen technologeis and focused audio systems.